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Cannabis is our passion at Saucey, and everyone in our organization takes great pride in their work. We're happy to offer a wide assortment of quality products that are ideal for everyone from those just beginning their cannabis journey all the way up to experienced connoisseurs.

Our consistently excellent artisan cannabis products begin with a dedicated team of master cultivators who pay careful attention to all stages of production. The seeds are screened to select those with the most desirable genetic components, and after they sprout, the plants are cared for throughout their growth cycle with techniques designed to result in the finest possible cannabis flower. We've also brought in a team of experts in cannabinoid research to help increase the quality of our cultivars through selective breeding processes.

Because we believe that cultivating small batches produces a superior end result, we take a craft approach that culminates in ultra-premium quality. Just like fine wines, each handcrafted cannabis batch has its own unique, defining character. Our selection of products ranges from vape cartridges to cannabis flower with the highest potency available anywhere and almost everything in between.

Essential characteristics of Saucey products include flavor and purity, and our talented team brings both of these to the table with every batch they create. Because safety and efficacy are even higher on our list of priorities, our products are all thoroughly tested in our full panel lab to ensure utmost adherence to our extremely high standards.

To provide an optimized user experience, we've moved on from the traditional wick-and-coil approach and are utilizing revolutionary CCELL technology. Before CCELL technology arrived on the scene, cannabis oils were extremely difficult to vaporize due to their high viscosity. We're excited to offer clean, trouble-free vaping, thanks to the use of ceramics in our cartridges that provide consistent, evenly distributed heat. We also use a proprietary refining process to produce ultra-refined cannabis oils featuring higher levels of psychoactive elements than their counterparts of the past. Customers constantly tell us how much they love the full-spectrum high these oils provide.

Our products are so popular that they're frequently featured in celebrity media, and we're consequently attracting significant support from leading lights in the entertainment industry. Legendary Harlem rapper Jim Jones is among those who've chosen to partner with Saucey Farms to bring the best in cannabis to the forefront of the public eye. Jim brings a long tradition of cannabis advocacy to the table along with a stellar reputation as a connoisseur of high-quality cannabis.

We're proud and thrilled to have someone of his cultural stature on our team at Saucey as we move forward with our goal of becoming the go-to supplier for those seeking world-class cannabis products in Southern California. Jim is looking forward to sharing his passion with the public as he introduces a new line called Cannabism by CAPO.

Obsession with creating superior cannabis products is deeply rooted in our company culture at Saucey. We're all enthusiastic about continuing to conduct research for the purpose of developing new technologies to perfect our products even more. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information about our organically grown, slow-cured, premium-grade cannabis products.