Saucey Farms Premium Cannabis Flower

Saucey Farms - California-crafted ultra-premium flower


The very essence of “wake and bake,” Super Jack is a powerful Sativa hybrid that was developed when Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer were combined. The results are smooth and sweet with just a hint of spice and a rich, buttery fragrance. It's an incomparable strain!

Super Jack is a popular, versatile blend for an all-day euphoria. A single bowl can give you a boost that will last for hours. The initial sensation will leave you feeling bright and euphoric, but it’s soon followed by a deep relaxation that you'll feel to the tips of your toes. This makes Super Jack fantastic for stress relief, energy and improved appetite. When used for medical purposes, it can relieve cramps, pain, depression, stress, fatigue and poor appetite. Recreationally, Super Jack will boost your focus, help you feel more creative and leave you with a pleasant euphoric sensation.

Because of its stimulating properties, you might want to limit your use of Super Jack to morning and daytime only.


The Boost strain from Saucey Farms is an Indica-dominant hybrid made by crossing DJ Short’s Blueberry with Sweet Tooth. This strain has a solid structure with large, thick, brilliant blue flowers. The buds lean strongly towards the blueberry candy-flavored DJ Short’s Blueberry for a delightful taste.

The balanced blend of Boost offers an energizing mint-citrus fragrance and smooth, refreshing smoke. The initial high will hit you hard and give you a buzz that’s both mentally and visually revitalizing. As that high fades, you’ll be able to enjoy a lush sense of relaxation that will completely erase any stress or anxieties you're experiencing.

You'll experience a bright euphoria that can help combat stress and ease headaches. When used recreationally, Boost will induce a happy, deeply relaxed feeling that might even make you a little bit sleepy. You can also use Boost medicinally to stimulate your appetite, counteract insomnia, beat pain and improve your mood.

Use it day or night, but be aware that drowsiness is a definite possibility. Try a small dose to boost creativity or a heavier dose to relax you all the way to dreamland.


Orange Crush is a powerful hybrid with a bright, sweet citrus tang and a high that can last two hours or longer. This Sativa-dominant strain was developed from the blending of Californian Orange and Blueberry. Its small, dense buds are rich in trichomes for a stronger hit. You’ll get a powerful, lasting high that can actually increase the dopamine your body produces naturally.

When used medically, Orange Crush can help you combat depression, anxiety, migraine attacks and nausea. Orange Crush can alleviate stress and fatigue. When used recreationally, you can enjoy a happier, more expansive mood, and you might feel more creative. Even though the Orange Crush strain is noted for its relaxing properties, it can also give you a big burst of energy. This is one strain you'll want to use mostly in the morning and during the day.


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